Welcome to Telmatronics

Telmatronics are building a new kind of synthesiser, that makes sound with plasma.

Plasma - glowing gas described as the fourth state of matter - is energetic enough to be ionised, and electrically conductive. By changing a plasma's properties, its behaviour in a circuit can be varied from smoothly conductive to audibly unstable - this forms the basis for a versatile sound generator that can be influenced by magnetic fields.

Controlling a wild and unpredictable medium with a magnet is a fun way to create sound, and the project so far has focussed on how best to use plasma-generated noise in a practical instrument. A first-generation machine has been developed to allow control over the plasma sound and its interaction with other signals, details are currently being finalised for production of the first of these instruments.

Ordinary fluorescent tubes have been used so far - conveniently-available plasma vessels for experimentation! These can produce a wide range of sound output, but will be discontinued in the next year or so. A next phase of the project will be directed towards developing custom tubes for specific audio characteristics. 

Please get in touch to arrange a demonstration, commissions/collaborations are welcomed.

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You can contact us directly here, and track progress by following our facebook, youtube and kickstarter pages.


This article was updated on February 4, 2024