It has been brilliant to find other people excited by this project!

When the first machines are delivered, a new phase of the project will begin as others start to experiment. We look forward to sharing the fun, and hope to re-post some of the results here.

The Telmatronics project owes its continuing existence both to those who have helped with development, and those who invested in the vision despite only seeing a half-working prototype - massive thanks to you all, and to everyone who has shown interest!

For significant investment in the project at this early stage we are particularly grateful to:

  • Glyn Roberts, UK
  • Hainbach, Germany
  • skeletonmeat, USA
  • littlebluerecords, UK
  • zvezda42, Netherlands
  • Micah, UK
  • Michael L. - Pro IT Plus Inc., Toronto, Canada
  • Quentin S., Belgium
  • The Bad Signal, France


Telmatronics was created by:


Tom Hardiment

Plasma, electronics, music




Ably assisted by:


Cat Baillie

Tester-in-chief, plasma sound pioneer





Ed Midmore

Electronic equipment maestro, musician





Max McCreary

Instrument maker, sound and recording engineer, musician




This article was updated on February 4, 2024