May 2023 - live test

With the help of some friends, the prototype was tested live at a party... lots of fun!
Attempting to play the machine as a live instrument is really useful for testing out the control interface.

Feb/Mar 2023 - Kickstarter campaign

After a successful month-long Kickstarter campaign, we shall deliver a first small batch of Groovetube machines later in 2023!  Massive thanks to our backers for having confidence in the project at this stage of development.

The campaign was a bit rushed, with work continuing on the prototype throughout. We made a couple of videos which got a lot of views, and provoked a full spectrum of reactions from the synth community.

October 2022 - Synthfest, Sheffield UK

We took the prototype TM01 machine to Synthfest UK, and despite a few technical issues it made some gnarly sounds! It was great to demo and chat with synth enthusiasts, hopefully we'll be back next year.

September 2022 - session test

Tested out the prototype with some other instruments! Thanks to Max for recording, videoing and mixing.

This article was updated on July 6, 2023