May 2024 - most? all? issues now cleared

A few more months of troubleshooting/ironing out details later, and we may now be clear. A test PCB is on order, and a first model proper will be built up later this month. Providing this functions as intended, we will then be clear to build and ship...

Dec 2023 - production (slowly) underway

After a few months of final development we have ended up with an instrument that utilises plasma sound to shape musically pitched notes, produced either by an internal oscillator or other means. With the design now done, we are focussed on getting the initial batch of machines produced - this is taking longer than expected and we still have numerous issues to sort, but we expect to ship during the first part of 2024. 

May 2023 - live test

With help from friends the prototype was tested live at a party - lots of fun, and a good way to test out the control interface. This needs further development for the machine to be played as a live instrument.

Feb/Mar 2023 - Kickstarter campaign

After a successful month-long Kickstarter campaign, we shall deliver a first small batch of Groovetube machines later in 2023!  Massive thanks to our backers for having confidence in the project at this stage of development.

The campaign was a bit rushed, with work continuing on the prototype throughout. We made a couple of videos which got a lot of views, and provoked a full spectrum of reactions from the synth community.

October 2022 - Synthfest, Sheffield UK

We took the prototype TM01 machine to Synthfest UK, and despite a few technical issues it made some gnarly sounds! It was great to demo and chat with synth enthusiasts, hopefully we'll be back next year.

September 2022 - session test

Tested out the prototype with some other instruments! Thanks to Max for recording, videoing and mixing.

This article was updated on May 2, 2024